Forestry Operations


Pre Flight Services

Chemistry Supplier – As a licensed chemical dealer AAI can not only apply your chemistries but can supply them as well. Whether it is the brand names you are accustomed to or our exclusive money saving line of Alligare® post paten chemistries, AAI has what you need.

Project Logistics – AAI understands the significant importance to any aerial application project running as smooth and efficient as possible. As part of AAI’s aerial application service AAI will send a representative to do an in-depth project analysis that covers things like helicopter landing sites, water sources, travel routes etc…….With this type of pre flight efforts AAI is able to identify and eliminate potential problems prior to deploying an aircraft saving time and money for both AAI and their customers, creating a real win-win relationship.

Aerial Herbicide Application

Aircraft – AAI’s fleet of 8 helicopters ensures there is a well maintained aircraft ready to go when you need it. Whether one of our Bell 206B3’s (Jet Rangers) or the Bell UH-1H (Huey) we have the proper helicopter to fit your specific needs. AAI’s aircraft are equipped with GPS, SATLOC & AGNAV capabilities.

Spray Gear – AAI uses ISOLAIR & SIMPLEX spray systems equipped with either ACUFLOW, T-Jet or CP nozzles depending on your projects specific needs.

Support Vehicles – AAI is ready to deploy whatever resources needed to efficiently complete your spray project whether it takes one or all five of our purpose-built batch trucks. Each batch truck is equipped with a heli deck on top so chemicals can be loaded in steep mountainous areas. These batch trucks have 5,000 gallon capacity with four separate mixing compartments, each is equipped with it’s own variable speed hydraulic agitators and the ability to meter liquids going both in and out of the tanks.

Aerial Fertilizing

Capacity – AAI uses three different types of helicopters for aerially applying fertilizer. Both Bell 206B3’s and the Hughes 500 can carry 1,000lbs of fertilizer and the Bell U1-H1 can carry and impressive 2,000+lbs of product.

Support Vehicles – AAI is well equipped to get high quantities of granular, prilled or custom blended fertilizer to any particular location or multiple locations all at the same time. AAI has a fleet of twelve full time fertilizer trucks all with the capacity to haul 12 tons of product. Each truck has built in electronic scale to ensure safe and accurate application. If even larger quantities are needed at one location AAI has the ability to reload there fertilizer trucks in the field from a much larger 40 ton supply truck.