Agricultural Operations

Agricultural Operations

With the human population growing every minute and farm land being destroyed daily it is essential to the survival of the human race that farms produce high yield crops to feed the world. To do this they have to plant crop rows closer together to maximize there per acre yield and continually come up with new high-tech ways to combat insects, plant disease, funguses and control pests. All of this needs to be done while maintaining good soil health and providing plants with the nourishments they need to produce at the highest level possible.

To obtain the required crop production levels needed the use of pesticides such as insecticides and fungicides are imperative and cannot be avoided in most environments. Aerially applying these products provides superior coverage versus ground based application thus decreasing the amount of chemicals needed. Aerial application can be done without workers in the field greatly reducing the human exposure while doing more in one hour than can be done in a day from the ground.

While the tractor can never be replaced in farming its uses can be reduced eliminating the damage it can do to crop production. Continually driving tractors up and down rows creates soil compaction that can cause significant damage to some crops and in mature crops valuable fruits, berries and vegetables and be damaged or destroyed from contact with the equipment. In non row crops such as wheat there can be a significant increase in the crops yield by eliminating all the tire track damage to those crops.

It seems there is a new use for helicopters in agriculture every year and below is just some of the agricultural services Applebee Aviation provides.

  • Aerial Spraying
  • Aerial Fertilizing
  • Fruit Drying
  • Frost Control
  • Seeding
  • Bird Chasing
  • Mouse & Slug Bait
  • Christmas Tree & Bough Harvesting
  • Crop inspections