Rolling Stock

Applebee Aviation Rolling Stock

Although Applebee Aviation Inc. is a Helicopter Service there is much more than just helicopters needed to provide the services we offer. Support vehicles are an important part in the operations we perform and that is why we have built the largest fleet of state-of-the-art, purpose-built support vehicles in the region. With the high operating costs of helicopters efficiency is the key factor in completing any project on time and on budget. The amount of work a helicopter can do in a short period of time is impressive to say the least and makes it impossible for just one support vehicle to keep up in many situations. Keeping the rotor blades spinning is vital to the overall success of many projects and that is why Applebee Aviation is ready to deploy as many support vehicles as necessary to meet their customers’ needs.

Custom Batch Truck

25,000 – Gallon Batch Truck Capability
4 Kenworth 5000 gallon Batch Trucks
1 Mack 5000 gallon Batch Truck

Heli Decks

Truck top landing decks allow for batch mixtures to be loaded into a helicopter from the ground or by landing on top of the truck.

Multiple Mixing compartments

Each truck has four separate mixing compartments, each with its own variable speed hydraulic agitator. This allows for more than one chemical prescription to be mixing at one time.

Liquid Meters

All movement of water and batch mixtures is metered, whether moving from tank-to-tank or from mixing tank-to-applicator tank.

Hydraulic Injection Pumps

The use of metered hydraulic injection pumps allows for chemistries that come in large drums or totes to be accurately and safely loaded into the batch truck on-site.

144 Ton Fertilizer Truck Capacity

12 Fertilizer Trucks

Each capable of hauling 12 tons of prilled, granular or custom blended fertilizer materials. These trucks are equipped with electronic scales to insure safe, accurate and efficient application of whatever fertilizer product is chosen.

These trucks can be loaded and then driven to the application site or loaded on site from a much larger 40 Ton truck.

Support /Fuel Trucks

3 – 1 3/4 Ton F550 4X4’s set up for our specific needs to get large amounts of material / cargo and up to 300 gallons of fuel just about anywhere.

10 – Midsized fuel support trucks give us the ability to have fuel and equipment in as many places at one time as needed.