About Us

About Applebee Aviation

Applebee Aviation Inc. commonly known as “AAI” was founded by Mike Applebee in 2004. With Mikes love for aviation combined with over three decades of owning/operating successful businesses in the construction, agricultural and logging-forest industries AAI was born. It has been up-up and away ever since…..

What started as a small aviation company that focused on flight training and scenic tours has rapidly grown into substantial Helicopter Service providing a vast variety of services for the commercial, agricultural and forest industries.

AAI is based out of our own private airport (Apple Valley-OR61) which is conveniently located about 35 miles west of Portland Oregon, on highway 26. Apple Valley Airport and its surroundings provide and ideal location for our west coast commercial and agricultural operations.

Our Commitment

People and the Planet…….

Founder Mike Applebee and all of Applebee Aviations employees share a common commitment to their industry by going above and beyond expectations when it comes to Safety, Quality and Customer Service. Everyone at AAI feels safety is an attitude and is an absolute must, not only for the success of AAI but for the industry as a whole.

Aviation is inherently dangerous but with the proper attitude and extensive equipment maintenance the risks can be greatly reduced. AAI’s impressive fleet of eight helicopters and full time A&P/IA mechanics ensure there is always a safe aircraft ready to meet their clients needs.

Applebee Aviation’s commitment level is elevated beyond their clients and industry’s needs and is past on to the generally well being of not only our environment but people of the world. AAI invests in state of the art application equipment allowing them to accurately and efficiently apply the product needed while making as little negative impact to the environment as possible. By aerially applying pesticides and fertilizers farmers and forest management professionals are able to increase the per acre yield of our sustainable natural resources and food needed to feed the world. The use of GPS guided application systems ensure on target application protecting our wildlife and waterways.

Around the office and hangar AAI tries to work as green as possible. AAI triple rinses and recycles all pesticide containers as well as cardboard and other uses all waste oils to heat the hangar.